Albanian Language

The program aims to prepare and provide professional framework that have the necessary skills required in a range of acti Years that rely on the use of language skills (Albanian), since the rules of spelling, grammar rules to mapping the larger linguistic units. The program relies on two basic criteria: economic criteria (labour market) and cultural criteria (enlightenment).

The first criterion relates to employment opportunities in administrative and cultural life (like text editors), educational life (as a teacher), as a translator and journalist.
The second criterion relates to the work study (as scientific research).
Graduate students in this branch are trained for a variety of acti Years that lie within the range of reliance on the knowledge of the Albanian language, linguistics and generally Albanology.

Students trained, therefore, in two aspects: that of practical skills include knowledge, concrete Albanian and Albanian language teaching as well as in preparation for mastery of scientific methods, including the preparation for lifelong learning. 

After completing bachelor (degree), students of the Albanian language will be able to:
Demonstrate practical skills, rules of the Albanian language (written and spoken);
- demonstrate practical skills of transmission to others of linguistic knowledge, including teaching at different levels;
përshkruajën - structure of the Albanian language, reaching to the level of the text;
- demonstrate practical communication skills;
- demonstrate general knowledge Albanology, including culture, civilization, literature, history and folklore;
- to understand the general concepts of linguistics;
demonstrate basic skills of comparing Albanian language concepts with at least one other language, including the possibility of two-way translation;
- recognize and understand the concepts of research in linguistics;
- to carry out critical reading different authors linguistics, with particular emphasis Albanian and know how to identify and solve problems in practical use of the Albanian language;
- recognize the different varieties, regional and social Albanian language;
- demonstrate knowledge of the Albanian language in synchronic and diachronic flat;
- demonstrate the ability of implementation of the Albanian language and linguistics generally and in other professional fields;
- demonstrate practical skills of writing genres and different types of texts, both in the academic sphere, but also in creative;