Albanian Language and Literature

The programme aims to prepare and provide professional staff who have the necessary aptitudes required in a range of activities that rely on the skills of using the language (Albanian language), and widen knowledge about Albanian and world literature, Albanian language acquaintance, from orthographic rules, to grammatical rules and composition of wider linguistic units, etc. The programme relies on two basic criteria: economic criterion (labour market) and cultural criterion (illumination).

The first criterion correlates with the employment opportunities in administrative and cultural life (as text editors), in teaching (as teachers), as translators and journalists.

The second criterion correlates with study work (as scientific researchers).
Students that graduate in this Department get qualified for numerous activities within the range of supporting the cognition of Albanian language and literature, linguistics, literature and Albanology in general.

Students get qualified in two aspects: in the one that include practical and concrete skills of Albanian language and literature, in teaching Albanian language and literature, as well as in preparation for gaining scientific methods, including the preparation for lifelong learning. 

After graduating in Bachelor degree, the students of the Department of Albanian Language and literature will be able to:
- demonstrate practical skills of Albanian language rules (written and oral);
- demonstrate practical skills in teaching others language and literature lore, including teaching in different levels;
- describe Albanian language and literature structure, until text level;
- Demonstrate practical skills in communication and writing;
- Demonstrate general knowledge about Albanology; including culture, civilization, literature, history, and folklore.
- Understand general concepts of linguistics; 
- demonstrate basic skills of comparing Albanian  language and literature concepts to at least another language, another literature, including the possibility of mutual translation;
- understand research concepts in linguistics and literature study;
- develop critical reading of different linguistic authors, with a special focus on Albanian language, and to be able to identify and solve problems during the practical use of Albanian language;
- know different regional and social varieties of Albanian language;
- have knowledge of Albanian knowledge in both synchronic and diachronic viewpoints;
- demonstrate the ability to apply Albanian language in general and linguistics in particular in other professional fields;
- Demonstrate practical ability to write different types and genres texts, in academic plane as well as in creative one.