Foreword by the Dean of the Faculty of Philology of "Fehmi Agani" University nn Gjakova

The Faculty of Philology, one of the academic units of the "Fehmi Agani" University in Gjakova, will continue its activity on the basis of what has been done during the years of its development, without leaving aside its previous tradition.

Starting from what has been created so far in our Faculty, in the future we will also focus our work on those programs that raise the quality of teaching and the enrichment of activities that are an inseparable part of university life. We will search for and apply appropriate methods and forms so that students be prepared in the best possible way in accordance with the circumstances of the time, through quality and modern teaching.

Careful consideration will be given to the completion of the academic framework, without which the real teaching process cannot be thought of, then the administrative framework, as well as the increase of responsibility at work.

We will expand cooperation with other universities, especially in Albania, in Macedonia, in Montenegro, as well as with the departments of Albanian language and literature in different countries, especially with the University of Calabria and Palermo.

Particular attention will be paid to the enrichment of cultural life and the holding of educational and scientific meetings: conferences, lectures, round tables and promotions of valuable books.

We will pledge that the spirit of cooperation of academic staff will reign among themselves, and with students, being the two main subjects of interaction.

The Faculty of Philology will always be an important pillar within the UFAGJ that strives to bring to life the patriotic efforts of Professor Fehmi Agani, whose name we keep with devotion, a name that obliges us for continuous dedication and for the most fruitful work.

Such goals and joint contributions for good work and purposes will bring the relevant achievements to our Kosovar society, and beyond.