Prof.Asoc.Dr. Kamber Kamberi

Prof.Asoc.Dr. Kamber Kamberi


Speech of the Dean of Faculty of Philology

The Faculty of Philology of the University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" is a new faculty within this University, also it is a continuation of the higher education institution (Higher Pedagogical School), which has functioned for several decades and in several fields. For several years it has also functioned within the Faculty of Philology of the University of Prishtina.

Our Faculty of Philology aims to increase as much as possible the quality of the teaching process and the best possible preparation of students, for the puropse that their contribution will be as large and as versatile. We will have new directions at all levels, maintaining quality and taking into account the demands of the market and the interest of students in accordance with the interests of our country.

In order to provide the highest quality studies in accordance with the requirements of the time and the competition, we have made a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation with the faculties of universities in the region and beyond, in order to provide the highest quality studies and research opportunities so that the student after graduating from this faculty will be professionally prepared and a stable competitor in the labor market.

Therefore, in order to achieve these aims, we are constantly looking for the highest quality completion of academic and administrative staff and increasing responsibility at work. With hard work, commitment and constant dedication we will achieve common goals. In this way we will always be an important pillar within UGJFA to fulfill the realization of the aims and patriotic actions of Professor Fehmi Agani, whose name our University proudly bears, a name that obliges us for continuous commitment and for more fruitful work.

Working or collaborating together, which is the basis of our action, will also bring worthy achievements in our Kosovar society, and beyond.