English Language – Translation and interpretation

In line with the mission and vision of UGFA, the Faculty of Philology decides to design a program that is professional and relevant to market demand in Kosovo, the region and international exchange demand. Based on the mission of UGFA and the Faculty of Philology, the English Language Program - Translation and Interpretation aims to offer three-year professional studies, where students receive a "professional bachelor" degree as a graduate translator and interpreter.

The Program in evaluation, English Language - Translation and Interpretation aims to train young translators and interpreters professionals who will have theoretical, practical and professional knowledge, as well as practical skills and additional skills needed for the profession of translator and interpreter , provided according the relevant regulations and laws.New translators and interpreters will have the opportunity to learn from a program built on the programs we have referred to, proven successful at reputable universities, and adapted to the specific national and international needs of the time.

Moreover, a particular importance in the design of the program and its progress will be relation to the labour market. It shows that the program in evaluation is based on the mission of our institution and that it provides efficient and qualitative student services, offers a study program whose field is relevant to the labour market and social development and creates an enabling environment (translator's working laboratory), to perform the practical and professional work of the study. Graduate students in the presented program in the Faculty of Philology acquire knowledge and competences in academic and didactic-methodological subjects. These competencies include: knowledge of their respective subject (academic knowledge), reflection and professional training needed to solve problems. Furthermore, after completing studies, graduates also benefit from the full range of special professional competencies required to master their fields of study and the discipline in which they will work as professionals. The orientation of the study program according to the guiding principles of the Faculty of Philology at UGJFA relies on the MEST's goals of increasing youth participation in higher education.

Faculty of Philology through the English Language - Translation and Interpretation program aims to become a contemporary university education and training centre for the preparation of professionals in the field of translation and interpretation. Through this program, the Faculty of Philology directly contributes to the internationalization of the university through the exchange of students among universities where the program is based to become positively evaluated.

The objectives of the English Language Program - Translation and Interpretation are to:

• enable translators and interpreters to use modern education techniques in line with current scientific methodologies and methods in the field;

• teach students to be aware of linguistic differences and to have extensive knowledge in the field of translation;

• familiarize students with translation and interpretation;

• learn how different translation techniques and methods are applied;

• prepare students to understand the terminology of various subjects, such as law, economics, literature, social sciences and applied sciences, political science, medicine, international relations, guides etc.;

• enable students to translate written sources to meet the needs of the contemporary globalized world.