About us

Mission of the Faculty of Philology - The mission of the Faculty of Philology is the education and training of teachers in the field of education and school education as well as the preparation of specialized staff for leadership in education, teaching and curriculum development.

Graduates of the Faculty of Philology acquire knowledge and competences in general, academic and didactic-methodological subjects. These competencies include: knowledge of their respective subject (academic knowledge), reflection and professional training needed to solve problems.

Faculty of Philology relies on these objectives:

  • To prepare skilled professional staff according to the labor market and to serve the wider community
  • Build cooperative relations with the responsible authorities of pre-university education
  • Develop new study programs in line with market demands
  • To create professional capacities capable of labor market
  • Organize joint studies with faculties of the same profile in the region and beyond
  • Implementation of agreements and mobility with other local, regional and international higher education institutions;
  • Increasing participation in various local and international academic and infrastructure projects;
  • Supporting scientific research work;
  • Internationalization of programs;
  • High quality assurance;
  • Access to contemporary literature through academic platforms.
  • The student should feel the responsibility for collaboration, selection, engagement, organization, and from these relationships create knowledge and form a personality.