Albanian Language and Literature Master

The master's degree program “Albanian Language and Literature” will ensure high quality through professional training. During the group and individual work in this program, the graduates in "Albanian Language and Literature" will be competent in fulfilling the duties and obligations that are set in the future profession.
The mission of this study program is the professional training of students in Albanian Language and Literature, who will then be able to contribute to the public or private sector, both at home and abroad, in accordance with contemporary standards of this field. Students in Albanian Language and Literature will be responsible for accomplishing the tasks, competencies and other services they will face in the future.
The university has also the mission of preparing staff, so, based on this fact, the Faculty of Philology has developed a master's degree program in accordance with this mission, which is the training of teachers in the field of school education and training of specialized staff for leadership in education, teaching, and curriculum development.
Graduates of the Faculty of Philology acquire knowledge and competences in general, academic and didactic-methodological subjects. These competencies include: knowledge of their respective subject (academic knowledge), reflection and professional training needed to solve problems, etc.
The program aims at providing quality formation and education, continuous formation and adapting its activities to the social and economic development of society.
The objectives of the master's program in Albanian Language and Literature are:
Preparation of skilled professional staff to provide the knowledge, skills and services needed for the community and labor market;
Ensure that graduates are fully aware of their responsibilities;
Increasing participation in various local and international projects;
Expanding cooperation and mobility with other public and private institutions at all local and international levels;
Supporting scientific research;
Internationalizing our programs - offering English language modules;
Promotion of ethics and adequate communication in inter-collegial relations
The Albanian Language and Literature Program supports the acquisition of competencies in orientation, study and dedication in the field; originality in ideas, work and scientific research; critical thinking-based creativity; combining different areas with a focus on language and literature; application of theoretical knowledge; promotion of individual and team work; development of skills, capacities for creation, application and management of new projects; dealing with and adopting adequate ethical experiences and standards.