English Language and Literature

Programme Bachelor of English Language Branch is built on communication needs of today's society in Kosovo. The program is designed so that the main emphasis is put on the preparation of practical skills and language use on the basis of theoretical linguistics.

After successful completion of the Bachelor studies student will be able to:
• To communicate in English at advanced level
• To describe the structure of the English language by applying the relevant linguistic concepts
• To identify and find solutions for problems that arise during the use of English
• To analyze the expression language and linguistic structure
• Demonstrate basic knowledge of various theories of linguistic and literary
• To identify the works of English literature by literary era
• To demonstrate depth knowledge about various aspects of literature, history and English culture
• To work effectively individually and in group
• Compile and present seminar papers those with academic and technical competence
• To demonstrate knowledge of the methods of teaching English as a foreign language
• To demonstrate the ability to plan and keep the clock teaching
• To demonstrate sufficient competence to engage in the labor market (in teaching, translation to different institutions, research projects, etc. . .)
Studies conducted with the candidates will be able to find work in different sectors and non -governmental organizations, as well as in the field of education.