Albanian Literature

Department of Albanian literature will operate within the Faculty of Philology and is thought to be among the most interesting departments. Students will graduate from this program are prepared for teaching the Albanian language and literature in high school (after you earn your degree master) and for scientific research in the field of literature in general (theory of literature, history literature, folklore, comparative literature, media, etc..)

The program of study at Bachelor level allows the student to:
• Albanian literature study and to expand knowledge about the world literature;
• To deepen and broaden the knowledge of the theory of literature;
• Enrich linguistic culture;
• To deepen and enrich the knowledge of stylistic formations, recognize them as inspiration and as an expression, as knowledge of how literary taste;
• Achieve distinguish the characteristics of literary periods;
• To have clear literary performances, in diachronic and synchronic, in Albanian and  world literature;
• Be trained to compare those values with the purpose of cultivating the aesthetic taste of emancipation and the consolidation of scientific thinking for them;
• Should be capable of penetrating the particular aesthetic of literary works, in order to discover the secrets of literary creation;
• Increase the ability for critical analysis of literary works;
• Develop personal skills for independent research, and to develop individual skills for research in the group;
• After completion of this program the student will be able to convey knowledge gained successful in others, oral and written.