The poet Skender Sherifi among our students

The poet Skender Sherifi among our students

Today, on 5.5.2022, at 12:00, a meeting was organized at the Faculty of Philology with the poet, professor and journalist Skender Sherifi.

The meeting opened with a letter from the author's mother in honor of the 100th anniversary of Albania's Independence, which moved the author.

The meeting was organized under the care of Professor Gentiana Muhaxhiri, who opened the meeting and presented the rich biography of the author.

Rector Artan Nimani also gave a speech on the occasion, who expressed his gratitude for the poet's arrival at our University and, as a sign of gratitude, gave him recognition and a decoration.

Skender Sherifi, a well-known writer and poet, is considered one of the worthiest representatives of Albanian creators abroad, as a lively intellectual climate, between French and Belgian culture.

The meeting continued with readings of parts prepared by the students of the Albanian language and literature department, with discussions between the author and the students and recitation of the author's poems.